Sella Cream 2kg

Category: Parboiled Basmathi Rice
Ingredients: 100% Pusa Basmathi Rice 

ecoBrown’s Sella Cream Parboiled Basmathi Rice is a special and premium quality of pusa basmathi range. It is widely popular due to its premium taste and aromatic fragrance and is naturally harvested in the fertile foothills of Himalayas. The harvested grains undergone the parboiling process to retain the nutrients and producing long slender grains. Its golden-coloured long grain elongates to double its length after cooking while giving its fluffy and non-sticky texture of the cooked rice. ecoBrown’s Sella Cream Parboiled Basmathi Rice  can be widely used to prepare various cuisines. This rice is definitely ideal for the health conscious people to eat balance and healthy.