Healthy Mushroom Rice Balls

Healthy Mushroom Rice Balls


  • 125g ecoBrown’s GOLD Rice
    370 ml water
    10 fresh Chinese mushroom
    ½ tbsp chopped pickle radish
    1 tbsp chopped mock ham
    some chopped carrot

  • Seasoning
    ⅛ tsp pepper
    ⅛ tsp salt 
    drops of sesame oil



  1. Wash and drain ecoBrown's GOLD Rice, and then cook in rice cooker with water until done.
  2. Remove the stems of Chinese mushroom and wash and drain.
  3. Combine chopped pickle radish, mock ham, seasoning with cooked ecoBrown's GOLD Rice.
  4. Shape the mixed rice into balls and place on top of each mushroom, garnish with chopped carrot and then steam them with medium heat for 5 minutes, serve immediately.


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