• Tempura Fish Fillet

    Tempura Fish Fillet

    INGREDIENTS: Batter50g ecoBrown's Wholegrain Rice Powder50g tempura powder50g corn floursalt and pepper (to taste)330ml soda water 500g fish filletenough oil for deep-frying50g corn flour for dusting METHOD: Season the fish with salt and pepper. In a bowl whisk together the batter ingredients until well mixed. Lightly dust the fish with corn flour then dip in the batter until evenly coated. Heat the oil to 150-160°C. Deep fry the fish until light golden and crisp on both sides. Drain on paper towel. Serve the tempura with dipping sauce, salad, or fries.  

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  • Salmon Rice

    Salmon Rice

    INGREDIENTS: 3 cups ecoBrown’s GOLD Rice6 cups water120g salmon (diced)2 tbsp pine seeds20g shallot flakes(br/>20g fried garlic crisps Seasoning2tsp chicken powder1 ½ tsp saltdash of pepper METHOD: Wash ecoBrown's GOLD Rice, then boil with water and seasonings in rice cooler till cooked, set aside. Marinate salmon with dash of salt, pepper and corn flour, and then sear with oil in frying pan until fragrant, drain off oil; blanch pine seeds in warm oil until fragrant. Scoop ecoBrown's GOLD Rice in serving plate, surround with salmon, pine seeds, shallot flake and fried garlic crisps.   

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  • Pumpkin Brown Rice Pie

    Pumpkin Brown Rice Pie

    INGREDIENTS: 250g ecoBrown’s Brown Rice750 ml water60g organic sugar1 tbsp oil Skin Ingredients250g plain flour120g margarine½ tsp salt2 tbsp fresh milk3 tbsp water Pumpkin filling500g pumpkin3 tbsp sugar2 tbsp oil GarnishingSome pumpkin seeds (toasted) Method for pumpkin filling: Peeled and cut pumpkin into cubes, steam until soften and mash it into puree. Stir fry pumpkin puree in wok until a little dry up, toss in sugar and cook until sugar dissolve, then add in oil and continue stir fry until non stick to wok, dish out. METHOD: Wash and drain ecoBrown's Brown Rice, cook in rice cooker with water, then mix in organic...

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  • Nasi Briyani with Indian Curry Chicken

    Nasi Briyani with Indian Curry Chicken

    INGREDIENTS: Nasi Briyani 500 g ecoBrown’s Pusa Brown 3 tbsp ghee 100 g chopped shallot 1 cinnamon stick 2 star anise 6 cardamom seed 6 cloves 30 g chopped garlic 150 g spices Indian curry 1 tomato, cut into cubes 1 carrot, cut into small pieces 300 g water 40 g ginger squeezed juice 300 g evaporated milk 30 g lime juice 15 g sugar 10 g salt 4 g chicken stock granules 10 g rose water Indian curry chicken 1 kg chicken drumstick 4 g chicken stock granules 15 g sugar 12 g salt 2 g msg 300 g evaporated milk 300 g water...

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  • Brown Rice Popiah

    Brown Rice Popiah

    INGREDIENTS: 2 cups ecoBrown’s Brown Rice4 cups water10 sheets popiah skin1 stalk lettuce1 cucumber (juliennes)20g shallot flakes Seasoning(A)2 tsp chicken powderdash of pepper1 tsp sesame oildash of salt          (A)         some Hoisin sauce and chili sauce   METHOD: Wash ecoBrown's Brown Rice, and then cook with water in rice cooker into rice; season with seasoning A, mix well. Spread some seasoning B on popiah skin and then place a sprig of lettuce on top. Add 2 tbsp cooked ecoBrown's Brown Rice mixture on top, line with some cucumber and shallot flake, roll up like popiah to serve.  

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  • Healthy Mushroom Rice Balls

    Healthy Mushroom Rice Balls

    INGREDIENTS: 125g ecoBrown’s GOLD Rice370 ml water10 fresh Chinese mushroom½ tbsp chopped pickle radish1 tbsp chopped mock hamsome chopped carrot Seasoning⅛ tsp pepper⅛ tsp salt drops of sesame oil   METHOD: Wash and drain ecoBrown's GOLD Rice, and then cook in rice cooker with water until done. Remove the stems of Chinese mushroom and wash and drain. Combine chopped pickle radish, mock ham, seasoning with cooked ecoBrown's GOLD Rice. Shape the mixed rice into balls and place on top of each mushroom, garnish with chopped carrot and then steam them with medium heat for 5 minutes, serve immediately.  

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