About Us

ecoBrown's now offers a diverse range of healthy rice options, including herbal rice, parboiled rice, organic basmati, red rice, black rice, and riceberry rice, in addition to our 100% natural brown rice. Most of the varieties are wholesome wholegrain products that retain their fiber and boast higher levels of minerals and vitamins compared to white rice. ecoBrown's wholegrain rice is harvested from fully ripened grains and stored with the husk attached to preserve its nutritional goodness. ecoBrown’s products go through stringent quality control procedures so you can enjoy ecoBrown’s confidently. These procedures have led us to become the first Malaysian brown rice milling company to be HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) certified. Additionally, most of ecoBrown’s products come with the Healthier Choice Symbol from the Health Promotion Board of Singapore

Studies have shown that diets rich in wholegrain fiber are commonly associated with a range of health benefits, including lower levels of heart disease and a reduced risk of developing certain cancers and gallstones. Individuals looking to lose or maintain their weight can also benefit from a diet rich in wholegrain fiber. Therefore, ecoBrown's offers a diverse selection beyond just healthy rice, providing you and your family with a range of nutritious options for meals, snacks, and drinks throughout the day. Explore our variety of healthy rice to elevate your dining experience.

Our ethos is centered around integrity and ethics. From the nutrient-rich rice grains grown in the fertile soil of Malaysia’s northern states to the hygienic production processes, every part of the company is designed to deliver maximum healthy benefits and satisfaction to customers.