Salmon Rice

Salmon Rice


  • 3 cups ecoBrown’s GOLD Rice
    6 cups water
    120g salmon (diced)
    2 tbsp pine seeds
    20g shallot flakes(br/>20g fried garlic crisps
  • Seasoning
    2tsp chicken powder
    1 ½ tsp salt
    dash of pepper


    1. Wash ecoBrown's GOLD Rice, then boil with water and seasonings in rice cooler till cooked, set aside.
    2. Marinate salmon with dash of salt, pepper and corn flour, and then sear with oil in frying pan until fragrant, drain off oil; blanch pine seeds in warm oil until fragrant.
    3. Scoop ecoBrown's GOLD Rice in serving plate, surround with salmon, pine seeds, shallot flake and fried garlic crisps. 


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