ecoBrown's Vita Purple

ecoBrown’s Vita Purple Riceberry Wholegrain Rice Drink is specially prepared using 3+1 natural grains of riceberry, brown rice, black rice and red rice. Riceberry is rich in athocyanins (antioxidant) with flavourful taste. Vita Purple offers you an impressive health benefits with its own premium taste using rice creamer. This drink definitely suitable for everyone. 

Ingredient: Berry rice, Brown rice, Red rice, Black rice, Brown sugar, Malt extract, Soluble dietary fibre, Rice creamer, Vanilla and Mineral

Packaging size: 350g (35g x 10 sachets) 


✓ Riceberry- anthocynin

✓ Source of Vitamin B1, B3, B6

✓ Contain Natural Inulin Prebiotic

✓ No artificial flavouring

✓ Trans fat free