FunActive With ecoBrown’s FAQ

Q: What is ‘FunActive With ecoBrown’s’ ?
A: FunActive with ecoBrown's is an event where we promote a healthier lifestyle, self-love, and sustainability, aiming to transform lives and create a safer environment through a Zumba Campaign on International Self-Care Day.

Q: When will ‘FunActive With ecoBrown's’ be held?
A: The event will be held on the 23th July 2023 from 7.30AM – 12.00PM.
Registration for the event begins from 16th of June 2023.

Q: What if I’m pregnant?
A: It is best to consult with your nearest doctor/physician before engaging with strenuous activity.

Q: What do I do if there is bad weather?
A: The organisers will not be held responsible for any untoward incidents that may befall you as a result of bad weather or unsafe outdoor conditions. As a friendly reminder, it’s best to adhere to the SOP’s when doing it outdoors.

Q: Can I bring my own water gun to the Zumba event?
A: Yes, you can bring your own water gun filled with water and play during the
Zumba event

Q: I've participated in ‘FunActive With ecoBrown's.’ But I currently reside in East Malaysia, do I still have to go there in order to participate?
A: If you are located in East Malaysia, you’ll have to be physically present at
our designated location at Sanctuary Mall, Selangor.


Q: How much are the registration fees to participate?
A: The registration fee varies based on the 3 group categories:
- ecoBrown’s Membership Adults and Children (3 years old & above) : RM20
* Members can refer to email to get RM5 off promo code
- Adults and Children (3 years old & above) : RM25
- Family and Friends Group Purchase: RM80
** Price per participant is RM25, purchase 4 tickets within 1 order to enjoy RM20 discount automatically upon check out. For more than 4 tickets, participants may perform multiple orders.

Q: How do I make the payment to join?
A: You will be directed to the payment portal upon registration. Debit / credit / e-wallet payments are all accepted.

Credit / Debit Card FPX / Online Banking eWallet
Visa Boost
Mastercard GrabPay
Union pay MAE
TouchnGo eWallet
Union pay

Note: Unfortunately we do not accept AMEX.

Q: What do I need to do to register?

A: Step 1: Purchase your ticket here
Step 2 : Register for Lucky Draw here
Step 3: Be at Sanctuary Mall, Selangor and collect your goodies bag during the event

Q: I want to register for 4 pax promo. What should I do?
A: Step 1: Purchase your ticket here. Add to cart with your Jersey sizes one by one.
Step 2: RM20 will be automatically deducted upon checkout (RM80 for 4 pax)
Step 3: Register for Lucky Draw here. Make sure to add other participants in your group in the Google Form.
Step 4: Be at Sanctuary Mall, Selangor and collect your goodies bag during the event

Q: How would I know if my registration is successful?

A: Upon successful registration, an email will be sent to your registered email address.

Q: Can I make changes to my personal details after the
confirmation of my registration?
A: Unfortunately, no. You cannot make any changes to your details upon successful registration. Do take note that personal details are not
interchangeable once registered.

Q: Can I bring my child/children who are 3 years old?
A: You can bring your 3-year-old kid(s), provided that you register them under the (Child) Category and if they are not wearing our FunActive With ecoBrown’s t-shirt, they will not be allowed to join the activities.

Q: Can I bring stroller (s) to the event?
A: Unfortunately, no. If parents still decide to bring strollers for kid (s) who are below 3 years old, the parents are fully responsible for the kid (s)’ safety and wellbeing. ecoBrown’s will not be held responsible for any inconvenience / accident that occurs before, during and after the event.