Cereal Plus

Category: Instant Wholegrain Brown Rice Beverage. 
Packaging size: 336g (28g x 12 sachets) 

Ingredients: Caster Sugar, Brown Rice, Red Rice, Black Rice, Malt Extract Cereal, Non Dairy Creamer, Malt Extract, Oat, Vanilla and Mineral (Tricalcium Phosphate).

ecoBrown’s CEREAL PLUS Brown Rice Cereal Drink has been enhanced with cereals and oats as its ingredients. Contained the original flavour and taste of unpolished brown, red and black rice that bring the same fresh vibes plus naturally unique oat flavour with smooth taste. The perfect blend of healthy grains, ecoBrown’s CEREAL PLUS Brown Rice Cereal Drink is ideal for health-conscious seekers like you ! So, quickly start making a mug of this delicious tasting drinks at anytime, anywhere and enjoy nothing but satisfaction to the last drop.