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ecoBrown's Riceberry Rice 1kg

ecoBrown's Riceberry Rice 1kg

Riceberry Rice is a new variety of Thai aromatic rice. It is a deep purple and long shape grain, a cross breed species between jasmine rice and aromatic black rice. Anthocyanin is the main antioxidant compound which can be found in bran layer of Riceberry Rice grain. The dark purple colour signifies its higher nutrition content and gives it a desirable appearance. When cooked, it has a unique fragrance, nutty flavour and a chewy texture which makes it versatile for various form of meals from savory meals like rice bowls and stir fry, to sweet desserts like rice pudding. Riceberry rice has become the most popular wholegrain rice among the vegetarian, vegan and health-conscious consumers. Enjoy ecoBrown’s Riceberry Rice to bring you towards a healthier lifestyle.

紫莓米是泰国香米的新品种。它是茉莉香米和黑香糙米的混合品种,这种大米的颜色是深紫色, 米粒修长且纤细. 存在于米糠层中的花青素是主要的抗氧化合物。深紫色的米粒不仅给它提供 了好看的外表,也含有较高的营养价值。烹煮过后,它具有独特芳香,坚果的味道和有嚼劲的 质感,使它适用于各式各样的⾷物如盖饭,煮炒或者大米布丁等甜点。紫莓米已成为纯素⾷者 和关注健康的消费者最受欢迎的全谷米。享用 ecoBrown’s 绿康宝紫莓米,带您迈向更健康的生活。

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