ecoBrown's Vita Coco

ecoBrown’s Vita Coco Chocolate Wholegrain Rice Drink is made to let consumers experience the goodness of brown, red and black rice with the added deliciousness of chocolate. Blended with pure dark cocoa and special rice creamer, Vita Coco contains higher wholegrains and 25% lower in sugar as compared to regular cereal mixes, definitely can be ideal drink for a chocolate-lover.

Ingredient: Brown rice, Red rice, Black rice, Brown sugar, Rice creamer, Cocoa, Malt extract, Vanilla, Soluble dietary fibre and Mineral.

Packaging size: 350g (35g x 10 sachets)


✓ Pure Dark Cocoa

✓ Source of Vitamin B1, B3, B6

✓ No artificial flavouring

✓ Trans fat free